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Floor Maps (Nishinomiya-Seiwa) 3F

Floor Maps (Seiwa) 3F Bound Periodicals Bound Periodicals Bound Periodicals Bound Periodicals Bound Periodicals Bound Periodicals Bound Periodicals Bound Periodicals Bound Periodicals Bound Periodicals
Floor Maps (Seiwa) 3F
  • Counter
  • Featured Books
  • New Books
  • Writing Manuals
  • Reserved Materials for Classes
  • Musical score
  • Paperbacks
  • Copiers
  • Reference Books
  • Audiovisual materials

1. Counter

  • This counter handles the loan, return, renewal, reservation of books, and accepts requests for books on different campus.
  • This counter offers the following reference services: consultations about the use of the library, how to find books and articles, etc. and also accepts application for interlibrary loans with other universities.

2. Featured Books

  • This area has books featured by various themes.

3. New Books

  • The books available in this area are those that were acquired in the university library within the past one week.
  • The new books are replaced once a week, as a general rule, on Friday afternoon.

4. Writing Manuals

  • This area has books on how to write a paper and a thesis.

5. Reserved Materials for Classes (may only be checked out by undergraduate students)

  • “Reserved Materials for Classes” refer to reserved materials that the lecturer in charge of a class wants students to read for that class.
  • The loan period for reserved materials for classes is seven days.

6. Musical Scores

  • This area has music scores about nursery rhyme and organ music etc.

7. Paperbacks

  • Japanese Paperbacks, such as Chuko Shinsho, Iwanami Shinsho, Junior Shinsho, Blue Backs, Iwanami Bunko, Shounen Bunko etc. are arranged by series in this area.

8. Copiers

  • The library materials may be copied within the scope stipulated by the Copyright Act . For details please see the bulletin board in the library.
  • Other materials such as personal notebooks may not be photocopied in the library.

9. Reference Books (may not be checked out from the library)

  • Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Catalogs, Indexes

10. Audiovisual Materials

  • This area has audiovisual materials such as videos,CDs,DVDs about child education.