[Letter] Dec.20,1887,Smith College [to F.H. Giddings]

Dec. 20, 1887, Smith College.

Dear Mr. Giddings,
         I heard of the
tilt with H. George from
Miss Jordan who did not
know positively who you were
but guessed rightly from
your success. She said you
had him, and from her
report of the points made
it is clear that you did.
 I have the feeling
that you express that the
term. 'Expert' while entirely
accurate and modest in
its true technical sense,
has a popular meaning
that rather unfits it for
the present purpose. Moreover
do you want to make so
public your special relation
to profit-sharing theories and
experiments? How would it
do to say 'Of the Mass. Bureau'?
Would that mean one of the
permanent staff? I think
we want the prestige of the
bureau, but that we need
another term than the
one suggested. If the bureau
were a college you would
be a non-resident lecturer.
I will try to think of
something, but have more
confidence in your success
in so doing than in my
own. I shall be interested
to hear about the meeting
of last evening, and whether
the Conn. Labor Commissioners
came, as they expressed an
intention of doing. I gave
Mr. Biddle a card of
introduction to you.

     Yours Very Truly,
           J. B. Clark

[Letter] Dec.20,1887,Smith College [to F.H. Giddings]
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