[Letter] March 27 1888,2 separate letters,Smith College [to F.H. Giddings]

March 27, 1888, 2 separate letters, Smith College.

Dear Mr. Giddings,
      I need not repeat
my regrets at being absent
from the tariff discussion.
I am glad to note, from
Republican, that it was
interesting. One item of
business I think the
Exec. Com. will have to
attend to for the society.
The Exec. Com. of the
Am. Econ. Association focus
Springfield as place of meeting
and holiday season for
time. Had we better
( ) the subject
a little among local
members, and extend an
invitation to them? It
would involve no entertaining
by the society, except the
courtesies of receiving the
members and making things
interesting for them, and
might boom the local
association some besides
interesting the city as a
whole. How would it do
to sound a few leading
men, and then, as an
Exec. Com. take some
action? The editors would
be among those to be
consulted. I am personally
delighted at the prospect.
 I am happy to report
my boy Alden doing very
nicely indeed. He had
a fearful gash in his
leg, but it heals with
wonderful rapidity. I was
particularly sorry to miss the
visit with you. Regards to
Mrs. Giddings.

            Yours Very Truly,
                  J. B. Clark

P.S. As the decision is
not reached by the Exec.
Com. of the general society
it will be well to keep
the matter a little quiet.
They may hit on another
place. We have, however,
an excellent chance of
having the meeting if we
desire it.

Was Rev. M. Spragur
at the tariff meeting?

[Letter] March 27 1888,2 separate letters,Smith College [to F.H. Giddings]
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