[Letter] March 18,[1894?],4to. [to F.H. Giddings]

March 18, [1894?], 4to. n. p.

Dear Friend,
       Would you mind giving me
your frank view as to this introduction
to Gide? Mr. Bonar wrote one of about
the same length, and they want an
American one as well. This repeats one of
Bonar's ideas, namely, that Gide
is a child of French orthodoxy; but
perhaps the application to the American
way of the work may justify the reputation.
How difficult is an introduction
or a preface!
 I sail in Savannah steamer
with Mr. Dennison a week from today.
I wish we could go to Bryn Mawr, but
we cannot. Thanks for the kind
introduction. If you get through this in
season to get it to me Monday a.m. please direct
it here; otherwise to Winter Park, Fla..

           Yours Very Truly,
                J. B. Clark

[Letter] March 18,[1894?],4to. [to F.H. Giddings]
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