[S.N. Patten's letter] Dec.25,1891,Philadelphia [to F.H. Giddings]

Dec. 25, 1891, Philadelphia.

Dear Giddings,
       I have heard indirectly
from the Austrian Economists as to their
opinion of my article in Conrad's. A friend
of mine has seen them all lately. They
are well pleased with it and praise
it highly. Menger is especially warm in
his praise and made many inquiries about
me and my work. He said that at
some points he did not agree with me
but that is of no consequence. It is
the general effect that I care for.
They must take their own time and way to state their opinions publicly.
 This is private information for you, but
I know you were greatly interested in the
outcome; so I write of it.
 It means I think a general victory for
my scheme for the knotty points were in
that article. What I am now writing
will follow naturally from what is
 Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. Giddings.
                                           Sincerely yours,
                                           S. N. Patten

[S.N. Patten's letter] Dec.25,1891,Philadelphia [to F.H. Giddings]
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