What is KWEST?
@A new search tool has arrived on the scene: KWEST. Short for gKWansei Gakuin Easy Search Toolh, KWEST is a search tool offered by KGU library that provides easy access to various types of materials and information.

Some of the main features of KWEST are as follows;

ĦThe ability to easily and comprehensively search for the following types of materials and information:
@ELibrary materials (i.e., materials searchable via OPAC)
@EDigital materials provided by KGU library such as databases, e-journals, and e-books (please note that not all such digital materials is searchable by KWEST.)
@EDatabases, e-journals, e-books and other materials provided free of charge
@EUniversity repositories, including the Kwansei Gakuin University repository
ĦJournals are searchable by both the title and the thesis levels
ĦSearch results are displayed by order of keyword relevance
ĦSearch results include the keyword itself as well as related words
ĦSearch results can be refined in a variety of ways (KWEST is available to use faceted searches)

@KWEST is an easy-to-use search tool that provides a convenient gateway for information retrieval. KWEST users can utilize keywords to search vast quantities of materials and information quickly and easily for reference literature helpful in creating reports and theses. We welcome you to try out KWEST and find the many kinds of materials and information that you never knew existed.