Frequently Asked Questions

Library use

What should I do if I've lost my library card (student ID)?

<Undergraduate and graduate students>

Please have your student ID (which doubles as a library card) reissued.
Please refer to Student ID Issuance Procedures.


Please have your card reissued from the issuing department.

Is it possible to tour the library?

You may take one thirty-minute tour; a form of identification is required. You will not be able to peruse books and materials.

I forgot an item. What should I do?

Please ask the library staff. Valuables such as wallets, commuter passes, and USB drives are stored at the library until the morning of the day after the lost item(s) has been handed in or found. Please consult the Student Affairs Division thereafter.

Book circulation

How can I borrow books?

Please bring your library card (student ID) and the books you wish to borrow to the circulation desk.(Automatic book lending machines are only set up on the Uegahara Campus) Furthermore, there are journal (including bound journals) and reference books that cannot be loaned out of the library. A sticker stating "in-library use only" appears on such resources.

How many books and materials can be borrowed and for what duration?

Please refer to Usage qualifications and conditions.

How should I return books?

Please bring books that you wish to return to the circulation desk.

Can you return a loaned book to libraries on other campuses?

Resource materials gained from the Kwansei Gakuin University libraries (including the Nishinomiya-Uegahara Campus Library, the Nishinomiya Seiwa Campus Library, and the Kobe Sanda Library and Media Center) can be returned to any campus library. However, library books kept by a specific department are not applicable. For all other campuses, only affiliated students and teachers can return materials.

Is it possible to extend the due date?

Extensions are possible as long as there are no reservations for those books and materials.
Students and faculty may also extend the due date online. The ID and password for requesting an extension are the same as those for the education and research system Web service.
However, no extension on any item is allowed if even one book is overdue.

Can I reserve books and materials that are on loan?

It is possible to reserve books and materials that are on loan.
Reservations can be made at the circulation desk. Please understand that Public System users may not reserve books and materials.
Students and faculty may also reserve online. The ID and password required to do so are the same as those for the education and research system Web service.

Is it possible to send requests to other campus libraries for books in their collections?

Yes. It will take two to three days for the books to arrive. The lending conditions are the same as those for books from the Uegahara collection. Please make requests at the first-floor reference desk. Students and faculty may also request books and materials from other campuses online. The ID and password required to do so are the same as those for the education and research system Web service.

What should I do if I lost/damaged books/resources that I have borrowed?

Contact the loan/return counter immediately.
Complete the procedures that the staff member provides.
For further details, contact the Usage Service Division (0798-54-6123).
Please refrain from purchasing the book yourself before completing the necessary procedures.

What should I do if I'm late in returning books and materials?

Please return them to the library right away. Otherwise, others will not be able to use them. If you have books and materials that are overdue, you cannot borrow anything else or extend the due date.

Searching for books and materials

I don't know the location of a book I want to read. How do I search for library materials?

You can search from search terminals at the library or from OPAC on the Kwansei Gakuin University Libraries Web site

I don't know how to use OPAC.

Please speak to an attendant at the reference desk.

The shelving location says "Department of Law." Can I use these materials?

Aside from shelves that say "Uegahara" , "Sanda" or "Seiwa" the shelves have materials for each department. If you click on the shelving location that says "Department of Law" in OPAC, you will see the location of the materials room and the conditions of use.


Can you use databases, e-journals, and e-books outside of the campus?

By using Off-Campus Access or a Remote PC, you can access databases and e-journals (excluding a selected few) outside of campus. There are also databases that you can use Off-Campus by applying for an individual ID. If there is a confirmation of an issuance of an individual ID in the points of concern in the database list page, you can apply this ID via the reference counter.


Is it possible to bring in a computer and connect it to the Internet?

You can bring in a computer and connect it to the Internet in the library PC use area.
Please refer the following Procedures.

Are there computers that one can use within the library?

Computers that you can use by logging in using the Kwansei Gakuin University system user ID and password are installed in various places throughout campus libraries. Furthermore, 40 computers are available for loan at the lending/returning counter at the Uegahara campus. There are also OPAC-enabled computers available.

Can you print directly from a USB?

You cannot print files directly from a USB at printers and copiers within the library. You can, however, print files by logging into the installed (or loaned) computers in (or from) the library, or by connecting to the wireless LAN from your own computer or similar devices. If you use the WEB Print service, you can print PDF files directly from your own smartphone.

Please refer the following Procedures.

Library facilities

Are there rooms for group meetings?

There are several group reading rooms (excluded for Nisihnomiya Seiwa Campus) . Please make requests at the circulation desk on the first floor.

Can anyone use the private rooms on each floor of the library?

Only graduate students and faculty can use the private research rooms. (Undergraduate student can use the private research rooms only on Kobe-Sanda Campus.)

Can I use the copy machine?

There are card-operated copy machines on each floor of the library and coin-operated copy machines on the first, second, and third floors. You can make color copies at the card-operated copy machine on the first floor. When making copies, please do so within the limits of copyright law.

What to do if the book you wish to borrow is not in the library collections.

What should I do if a book I wish to borrow is not in the library collections and I wish to purchase it?

A. We handle purchases of books and materials needed for study and research even if they are not in the library collections (this service is limited to undergraduate and graduate students of the university). Inquire at the reference desk.

Can I use libraries at other universities?

With the Mutual Use System, it is possible to request books and materials and to peruse materials and copies from other universities. The reference desk on the first floor handles mutual use. Please refer to use of materials from other universities for details.


Can I donate books to the library?

Our policy for accepting book donations is as follows

Donations from private collections:
Currently, the library does not accept donations of books from private collections. If you are considering donating rare books related to our Special Collections, such as books published before the 19th century or Christian materials before the Meiji period, please contact us.

Recently-published materials:
We consider accepting recently-published materials, such as academic books and publications by organizations.