Privacy Policy

In order to provide various library services and for the smooth operation of the library, Kwansei Gakuin University Library makes use of users' personal information. When handling personal information, the library complies strictly with the "Basic Policy for the Protection of Personal Information at Kwansei Gakuin University (Privacy Policy)" and the "Personal Information Management Regulations" and "Guidelines," which set forth the internal university rules for personal information protection, and makes every effort in the implementation of the required measures for safety management to prevent divulging, tampering with, or incurring loss of personal information.

Definition of Personal Information
Personal information is information relating to your use of this library. Within the information obtained in the course of operating the library, this refers to information, such as names and dates of birth, that can be used to identify specific individuals.
Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The library uses your personal information to provide library services required for education, research and learning assistance, to contact you, and to improve the management of library operations. The library does not use your personal information for any purpose exceeding the scope of the purpose of use. However, if the purpose of use changes, we will publicly disclose a changed purpose of use on a case by case basis.
How Personal Information is Obtained
In order to fulfill the objectives of its duties, the library obtains your personal information using the following fair and legal methods within reasonable limits:
  1. By means of acquisition from other departments within the university.
  2. By means of acquisition from application forms submitted by you, and other submitted items such as surveys, etc.
  3. By means of acquisition in the course of operations.
Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties Outside of this University
The library does not disclose personal information to third parties outside of this university except in the following circumstances.
However, this does not include cases stipulated by law or by your prior consent.
  1. If we cannot contact a user after attempting to contact them using various communication methods and we contact their guarantor.
  2. When you request interlibrary access services such as copying or reserving library materials, issuing letters of introduction, etc., we notify the loaning library of name of the library material you want, and your name, affiliation, and student number, etc.
Public Disclosure of Personal Information in Library Activity Reports, etc.
The library sometimes publishes statistical materials in annual reports on library activities but does not disclose personal information without the express prior consent of the individual.
Access log setting initialization and cookie deletion

This site stores data called cookies and retains access logs using statistical analysis tools, such as Google Analytics as statistical data that cannot identify individuals.
Access logs are used for usage analysis for the purpose of improving the user experience of our website. They are not used for any other purpose.
Also, we do not record access logs until we obtain approval from users. You can click the button below to change the settings.